Train your dog to be

The Well Heeled Way® 7-Core Discipline Course includes our our humane, Calming Cord™ custom-fit slip harness and hands-free leash to achieve fingertip control and instantaneous results.

Learn to be the leader with The Well Heeled Way® Dog Training, Hands-Free Leash and Calming Cord™ Custom-Fit Slip Harness


Achieve transformational leash behavior almost instantly with our custom-fitted harness.

Humane &

Our TWHW 7 Core Disciplines & Slip Harness will help you calmly (never harmfully) train your dog.


Guide your dog with nothing more than a gentle touch, making it a positive experience for all.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - measure your dog
1. Measure Your Dog

Measure the circumference of your dog’s chest directly behind his/her front legs.

Step 2 - Take the Course
2. Learn Our Methods

Choose our online course or in-person training to learn TWHW 7 Core Disciplines that include proven tips and tricks to help you train your dog.

Step 3 - Enjoy your Dog
3. Enjoy Your Dog

Achieve a happier and healthier relationship with your dog – the way it is meant to be.

Stop Yelling at Your Dog

Stop feeling frustrated. Quit avoiding social situations. It’s time for you to lead your dog, not vice versa.

The Well Heeled Way® Calming Cord™ custom-fit slip harness will end your struggles with leash behavior and help you establish a stronger relationship with your dog.

We at The Well Heeled Way® know what you are going through. Time and again we have seen dogs take total control of their person. We know you are busy. We know you may feel that your dog simply can’t be trained or it’s too frustrating. Maybe you have already tried another course and it just didn’t work. But we are here to assure you that we can help. We know dogs, and we have the tools and methods to ensure your success. 

With a bit of patience and repetition, we will help you achieve a healthy relationship with your dog. Our goal is to train you on how to condition your dog to be an attentive and willing follower using positive reinforcement – not punishment. You will learn:

Buy the course which includes our slip harness and see nearly instant results: better behavior, fingertip control, and an overall happier relationship that lets you enjoy your dog! 

TWHW About Us
From Left to Right: Quinn, Teri, Trace, Jerry, and Vista

We don’t just care about dogs. We care about your relationship with your dog.

Success Stories

Visit our TESTIMONIALS page or click below to watch videos or read success stories of our students and their pups learning and living The Well Heeled Way®.

How to measure your dog for TWHW®
Custom-Fit Slip Harness

Using a flexible tape measurer, place it directly behind your dog’s front legs and note the length (in inches) for the circumference of his/her torso.