Dixie - Old English Sheepdog

"The Well Heeled Way is miraculous!"

"Cindi and I have attended multiple obedience classes with Dixie. She is a very gentle and good natured girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but she has not been very obedient, (or maybe cooperative is a better word), when we attempt to walk her. I could barely manage Dixie and my wife had no chance at all. We were resigned to our fate and not much companionable walking got done.

Of course, we board her at Quail Hollow Kennels while on vacation. Imagine our surprise when two days into our trip we received a video of our pet (who regularly jerks our arms off), trotting along beside you cooperatively and enthusiastically keeping pace. No jerking, no tugging, no tripping and falling, no road rash.

We immediately put this down to your long experience as a trainer, but we assumed that such an experience was not possible for us. How glad we are that you were confident that you could teach us, in a very short time, to interact with her in the very same way. It worked during our session with you and it has worked every time we have struck out on our own. The Well Heeled Way is miraculous!"