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Private Dog Training

Leash behavior is a struggle for many dog owners. At The Well Heeled Way®, our uniquely-designed slip harness calms (but never harms) your dog, provides fingertip control, and helps you achieve a better relationship with your best friend.

The Well Heeled Way Dog Training

The Well Heeled Way® is a simple and straightforward training approach that promotes a calm and attentive dog. Our method mirrors a dog’s natural social canine behavior. All training is accomplished in a very calm and reinforcing manner.

You will be provided private one-on-one instruction, written support material, and published articles to support the training ideology. We always address the specific behavioral issue(s) that lead to you reaching out for assistance.

The best dog parent is benevolent, provides appropriate exercise to release excessive energy, establishes clear criteria, is observant, and applies variable types of reinforcement when their dog is behaving appropriately.

You will absolutely benefit from The Well Heeled Way’s newly designed humane Slip Harness. This simple, lightweight, unobtrusive harness is a breakthrough design (customized for each individual dog) that also promotes calmness in your companion.

You will see positive behavioral results almost immediately! 

In-Person Dog Training

Our in-home training, also known as The Well Heeled Way®, is an excitingly simple dog training process which features The Well Heeled Way® Slip Harness (included in the training fee) custom-fitted for your dog. Also available is our specially designed, multipurpose, over-the-shoulder leash which will allow you to leisurely walk your companion willingly at your side, totally hands free!

The focus of this in-home conditioning / training process is to coach you and your family members to transform your dog(s) undesired behaviors and your relationship by embracing a set of Seven Core Disciplines. These seven disciplines cover areas, from feeding to walking your dog, in a very relaxed manner. This is accomplished with very calm and engaging techniques, variable reinforcement, custom made hands-free leash and TWHW Slip Harness, and family members embracing the process.

You will begin to see immediate positive results that will calm your dog, allow you to relax more, and nurture a trustworthy relationship with your companion!

Private Puppy Training

To create a solid base in your dog’s life, puppy training is key. If approached properly, it will enhance future training by making it easier and more successful. One of the most common questions new owners ask when they get their new puppy is, “Should I train my puppy?” and “When do I start?”.

It is very important to begin training your puppy from day one. Hopefully, the breeder from whom you purchased the puppy has invested lots of time socializing and handling the litter in many environments. If so, you are very fortunate to have a puppy with such a positive start. Even if you don’t know how well your puppy’s socialization has been so far, don’t worry, there is a lot that you can do if you get started right away!

At The Well Heeled Way®, we are committed to your success by providing sound behavioral advice and owner coaching to enhance the development of your puppy’s natural willingness to please. We stress the reinforcement of your puppies attentiveness, willingness, and their calm and compliant behavior through a balanced structure of exercise, socialization (both canine and human), and training.

A few of the items we stress are:

  • Socialization
  • Creating clear communication
  • Crate training
  • House training
  • Individual basic puppy training
  • How to be the leader your puppy deserves

Our training is done privately both in your home and at ours. We are interested in hearing your goals and developing a training program to shape your new puppy into that loyal companion you desire.

Your desire to improve your dog’s behavior using a calm, reinforcing and structured method.

We will assist by supplying you with The Well Heeled Way® Slip Harness custom-fitted for your dog (included in the training fee). We also suggest purchasing one of our custom designed over the shoulder hands-free leashes. Together, they provide you the full benefit of walking your dog.

With your support we will teach you, with ease, how to shape your dog into the calm, attentive, and willing companion you desire.

First Session

90 Minutes

$425 / visit

  • Consultation and advice
  • Demonstration and individual client coaching of TWHW’s Seven Core Disciplines
  • Training guidelines and published support articles provided
  • Follow-up text and phone support always available.
Price includes The Well Heeled Way®:
  • Private Training Session
  • Custom-Fit Slip Harness
  • Hands-Free Leash
  • Training Clicker
  • 25′ Long Line
  • Food Storage Clip w/Magnet

Additional Sessions

90 Minutes

$200 / visit

  • Initial phone consultation with problem solving advice
  • A proactive versus reactive approach
  • Client training on operant conditioning
  • Demonstrations and personal coaching on TWHW’s Seven Core Disciplines.

Follow-up text and phone support always available.