Leash Behavior, Handler Leadership Coaching, & Dog Exposure (in Kennel)
7 Core Disciplines with How-To Videos and Brief Quiz for Each Core

Private Dog Training — Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The Well Heeled Way® is a simple, straightforward dog training approach. We implement a proactive, science-based process that positively shapes your dog’s conduct, both in the house and amidst unfamiliar environments. By mirroring your dog’s natural social behavior, we can nurture a calm and attentive canine that will love their training sessions as much as you will!

Offered in three formats that tailor to your specific needs, we guarantee that our private training sessions will assist you with improving the relationship between you and your furry friend. If you are not satisfied with the results of the private training, Jerry will not accept a fee!

Puppies should be 16 weeks old and fully vaccinated as they will have more stamina for the training session.

Additional hardware (for multiple dogs) is:  $45/leash and $20/Calming Cord™

All Training Formats Include:

Custom Calming Cord™

Calming Cord™

TWHW Hands-Free Leash


Training Clicker



25 Foot
Long Line

The Well Heeled Way® — A proactive approach to dog training

Private In-Home Dog Training - 2 Hrs: $425 / visit (1 dog per visit)

Inside & Outside Leash Behavior, Handler Leadership, & Dog Attention Training
puppy training

“I was a frustrated, first-time puppy owner and now feel confident in my ability to teach my dog what he needs to know to make life so sweet together.”

— Michelle C.

Our in-home training focuses on coaching you and your family members to reshape your dog(s) undesired behaviors by embracing a set of Seven Core Disciplines. These seven disciplines cover areas from feeding to walking your dog and accomplish more than correcting behaviors — they transform your relationship with your dog. By adopting calm, engaging techniques and variable reinforcement, family members who embrace the process see positive behavioral results from the first session!

Recommended for Puppy Training

It is crucial to begin training your puppy from day one. In a perfect world, your puppy has plenty of experience with socializing and new environments. If so, you are one of the fortunate to have a puppy with such a positive start! If not, don’t worry — there is plenty of room for improvement when you start right away! For private training with Jerry, your pup should be at least 16 weeks old and fully vaccinated.

At The Well Heeled Way®, we are committed to your success by providing sound behavioral advice and owner coaching to enhance the development of your puppy’s natural willingness to please. We stress the reinforcement of any show of attentiveness, willingness, calm or compliant behavior through a balanced structure of exercise, socialization (both canine and human), and training.

Private Dog Training at Jerry’s Place - 90 Min: $250 / visit (1 dog per visit)

Leash Behavior, Handler Leadership Coaching, & Dog Exposure (in Kennel)
Dog Training

“I swear, after one hour with Jerry training me on his simple process, Lena was walking right next to me, attentive and not pulling!”

— Crystal L.

Our in-person training sessions feature Jerry Barnes, founder of The Well Heeled Way®, opening his home to share over 35 years of experience in dog behavioral consultation and canine socializing. You and your canine companion get individualized attention and immediate access to critical training tools while also benefiting from the dog-focused environment of Quail Hollow Kennels. Set your dog up for success with personalized training, coaching, and relationship building.

In-Person private dog training allows dog owners to work with their dogs under the supervision, guidance, and coaching of Jerry Barnes in his home base kennel. The session focuses on leash behavior, handler coaching, and desensitization training related to the inherent exposure and proximity to other dogs.

Bring Your Dog to Us for a Personalized Training Session

An obvious benefit of bringing your dog to the trainer is a reduced cost, but don’t let that fool you — dog owners who utilize in-person training experience similar levels of behavioral improvement as in-home sessions. By taking advantage of Quail Hollow Kennels’s established setup, behavioral issues that stem from poor socializing are even easier to address.

Online Dog Training Course - 1 Year: $179 Includes Training Tools!

7 Core Disciplines with How-To Videos, Downloadable Training Guide, and Brief Quiz for Each Core

“I love how easy the website is to use!”

— Mary M.

The Well Heeled Way® Online Dog Training Course refines 35 years of experience in canine handling to present an easy-to-use, affordable alternative to in-person dog training. Jerry Barnes, founder of TWHW, leads dog owners through Seven Core Disciplines in pre-recorded video lessons with training instructions, tips, key takeaways, external resources, and on-call consultations and advice.

Recommended for Do-It-Yourself Dog Owner

With over 40% in savings compared to in-person training, the online course allows 24-7 access to recorded training videos, a downloadable PDF training guide, and on-call support and advice for the whole year.

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The Well Heeled Way®

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