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Dog Boarding with Care

Dog boarding at Quail Hollow Kennels is an unparalleled experience for your dog. We specialize in going the extra mile to care for your pup during his or her stay. From the moment they arrive, your dog will be exposed to The Well Heeled Way® dog training methods. They will enjoy socializing with other dogs under the supervision of a trained expert and get routine exercise every single day.

Our dog boarding facility, Quail Hollow Kennels, LLC, is purposely small and very personal. It is always a comfortable temperature – as it is located inside our home. The environment is very clean and the atmosphere calm, often with music playing in the background to sooth your pup. We pride ourselves in the exceptional service we provide. Our goal is your dog always returns home better than it arrived.

Dogs are fed individually to monitor their intake, rotated to our secure outside exercise area numerous times a day and monitored to tract their elimination.

We offer overnight boarding. We do not offer scheduled daycare but will assist our clients if a special stay not including an overnight is required. We do not pro-rate our fees. Regardless of the prearranged time the dog is dropped off today or what time you pick up the dog tomorrow, there would a single night fee.

We believe a satisfied dog is one that has good foundational structure, exercise, socialization, and training with clear criteria. All dogs that share our home are treated the same as our personal dogs. Client’s dogs will receive some scale of daily exercise based on their age and energy level. Most will receive some basic training based on their behavior, and very importantly, all will be socialized with all other dogs on site under experienced, knowledgeable and responsible supervision.

Dog Boarding

We are proactive on promoting three essential elements of canine development: Exercise, Socialization, and most importantly, Training.

Everything we do during your dog’s stay is inclusive of our overnight fee. These services include:

  • Bathing upon arrival if dirty and prior to departure if dog has played hard and needs one!
  • Basic kennel training, exercising, and socialization
  • Diet and Medication
  • Nail trimming as necessary
  • Brush / comb-outs
  • We supply all stainless steel bowls, water containers and bedding
Dog Socializing

How social skills are shaped, is such an important element of the overall development of any dog.  It carries equal weight as exercise and training in the mental and physical well being of your companion.

At The Well Heeled Way®, your dog’s visit, no matter how many times they have been kenneled here, begins with them being individually introduced to every dog on site. It is a necessary courtesy to all the other dogs on site to let them meet the new dog. The greeting between dogs is performed in a very specific and controlled manner by the owner.

There certainly are times that the new dog needs a little special attention to adjust. On those occasions, we will spend the time necessary using techniques from The Well Heeled Way® to work individually with the new client’s dog to ease their inhibitions or provide the necessary exercise and training to calm them to an acceptable state.

Regardless of the dogs age or social skills, we have a lengthy history of blending new dogs into our home & kennel. Most dogs we keep have been kenneled with us numerous times and are use to the social environment we have created. This group of well-socialized dogs will help your first time visitor adjust.

Socialization is included with all boarding visits. We’ll have your dog relaxed and comfortable in a supervised group of other canine companions in no time!

The new client can expect to receive via text messages or e-mail, photo’s or videos of their dog(s) behaving and playing appropriately under the supervised guidance of the members of our staff or designated agent.

Dog Behavior Training

While boarding your dog with us, we require that you grant approval for us to train your dog on basic behaviors. We apply many techniques from The Well Heeled Way® approach during your dog’s stay. While many of our new client’s dog manners are very reliable, there are some that need some fine tuning on such things as:

  • coming reliably off leash when called
  • sitting on command
  • no jumping
  • honoring doorways, stairs and gates

Everything we do with our client’s dog is what we have done with our own dogs for well over 35 years. It starts with developing leadership they grow to trust, setting clear criteria for each task, and variably reinforcing the appropriate behaviors. We work on bolstering their attentiveness and their natural willingness to please.

We leverage the dog’s desire to be part of a pack and follow the lead of other dogs. We utilize our personal dogs and our long term client’s dogs that have visited us on multiple occasions and understand our structure to help influence the new visitors. For example, when we call our dogs to us and the others follow, they will also receive praise, petting, and the occasional treat for their compliant response.

We are committed to our clients by sharing our knowledge on training, handling, and how to effectively apply reinforcement to help enhance their relationship with their dog. We selfishly spend the time necessary on the three elements listed above to shape the behavior of your dog in our home kennel. Although it requires commitment early on, the result of your dog’s eagerness to return speaks volumes!

Dog Exercising

Whether your dog needs get up and get moving, or burn off energy to calm down, we will provide the appropriate level of exercise for the task!

Exercise is an important element for the overall well being of a dog. Whether the dog can stand to lose a pound or two, is the overly energetic type, or in good condition and use to daily exercise, structured, well supervised physical activity would be in order.

When dogs come to our kennel, we understand especially during their initial stay, that it is a new environment with more stimulation than they are used to with the other dogs on site. Even though we keep them active and provide ample time out in their socials groups, the downtime they experience is different from what they are accustomed to. If we don’t provide some type of physical exercise, their pent up energy may manifest itself in undesired behaviors such as: barking, howling, fence fighting, digging, licking themselves, etc.

Weather permitting, we will take the high energy dogs on a good business walk in our rural country location. When the weather is inclement, we train the dogs on our canine Jog-A-Dog treadmill to maintain or enhance fitness.

When your dog is reliably exposed to exercise, training, and socialization, it enriches their soul. There is balance and purpose in their life. As I remember my Father telling me, “A tired dog is a happy dog”.

Get up and take your dog for a walk. How good is that?

It is required that you visit us prior to your initial stay. More than anything, we want you to be very confident you have made the appropriate kennel choice for your best friend(s)! All visits, drop-offs and pickups are by appointment only. We offer our service 7 days a week  / 365 days a year.

Here is a list of requirements you will need to provide us with before your dog’s stay:

  • Proof of current vaccinations (DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella, and Negative fecal)
  • You will provide your own food with any special instructions. We will provide treats unless special diet is required – then client is responsible to supply
  • All medications appropriately labeled
  • Contact us within three days of scheduled visit to arrange convenient drop off time.
  • Review and sign Quail Hollow Kennels, LLC Kennel Agreement and information card
  • Inform us of any cancellations to your reservations as soon as possible

Initial Visit

30 Minutes


  • Consultation is on site
  • Kennel Walk-through
  • Questions Answered

New clients are required to visit with dog(s) prior to their initial stay. Veterinary proof of vaccinations and inoculations required.

Dog Boarding


(single dog)


(multiple dogs)

Prices are per dog, per night.

  • 1 Night Stay
  • Household training
  • Exercising
  • Socializing
  • Video/Photo updates during stay.
  • Expert staff on site 24/7

No additional fees. No up charges, our pricing is all inclusive.

We accept Cash, Check, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, Credit Card, & Debit Card. 
You will be responsible for the credit or debit service fee of 2.75%.
Payment required at pickup.

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