About Us

Quail Hollow Kennels

In our kennel operation, we provide a structured reinforcing environment with a mix of necessary exercise, training, and canine socialization.

The Well Heeled Way®

Empower our clients with a relaxed and straightforward approach to shape their dog into a calm and attentive companion. Expect to see positive results almost immediately as your dog responds to the rather natural conditioning process.

About Us

For 35+ years my wife Teri and I have operated a small home-based dog boarding business, Quail Hollow Kennels LLC in Hartville, Ohio. Teri and I met in 1986 while we were both actively exhibited our Golden Retrievers in AKC events. Supporting each other, Teri was able to obtain a breed Championship on her beautiful boy Ralph, (Ch. Tuxedo’s Jackie Gleason), while I and my boy Lincoln started in the Novice A class and ultimately finished our Obedience Trial Championship, (OTCH) including numerous High in Trial awards and entry into the Golden Retriever Hall of Fame.

For years I’ve had a fascination with canine behavior. I was fortunate to be mentored by exceptionally gifted trainers who took a personal interest in my development and proficiency as a trainer and competitor. I also had the pleasure of associating Sea World animal trainers and demonstrating with Lincoln at Sea World Behavior Training seminars as well as teaching community obedience classes for 19 years at the former Champion School of Dog Obedience in Hartville, Ohio.

My focus is sharing “The Well Heeled Way®”. A simple and rather organic approach to train and condition your dog which is consistent with a canines natural tendencies accomplished by focusing on seven (7) Core Disciplines that, when applied consistently, will shape your dog into an attentive companion willing to follow you the rest of their life!

“The act of walking a dog is a statement of relationship” – C.W. Meisterfeld

Jerry Barnes
Owner and Heeler

Jerry Barns and His German Shepherd