Online Course Registration – The Well Heeled Way® Dog Training

Registration for The Well Heeled Way® Dog Training Method will give you immediate access to videos, and you’ll receive your harness, leash, and clicker in about a week.
Each course includes 1-year access to our training videos, a Calming Cord™ custom-made slip harness and hands-free leash — specifically sized for your dog and you — plus a training clicker! Please fill out the form below, send your dog’s core measurement, and select the proper size hands-free leash for you and your dog. Have more than one dog or two different trainers with very different heights? No problem! Our registration form will allow you to add multiple harnesses and leashes as needed.


Watch how to measure for your Calming Cord™ Custom-Fit Slip Harness & Hands-Free Leash:
Measure for the Calming Cord™ Slip Harness:
Using a flexible tape measurer, place it directly behind your dog’s front legs and when it’s snug but NOT TIGHT, note the length in inches for the circumference of his/her torso. Round up to the nearest inch.
Measure for the Leash:
Measure your dog’s height “at the withers (shoulder height when standing) and measure the trainer’s height (to top of head when standing). Both measurements should be rounded up to the nearest inch.


Hands-Free Leash (Sizing Chart)

TRAINER HEIGHT (To top of head)
DOG WITHERS HEIGHT (Shoulders) up to 5'9" 5'10 - 5'11" 6' - 6'1" 6'2" - 6'3" 6'4" +
22"+ S S S S S
20 - 21" S S S S M
18 - 19" S S S M M
16 - 17" S S M M M
14 - 15" S M M M M
12 - 13" M M M M L
10 - 11" M M M L L
8 - 9" M M L L L
up to 7" M L L L L
Thank you for selecting The Well Heeled Way® Online Dog Training Course. We’d love to hear from you – drop us a line on our contact form if you have any questions.