Trained dog walking

"The transformation was a miracle in my eyes"

"I have a 4 year old Akita, Snickers. A playful, loving dog with a mind of her own. Akita's are known for their "stubborn " nature and even though a very loving dog, things were quite often on her terms and that included our walks. She could be a challenge and has backed out of her collar when she wanted to go in a different direction than I. Running with glee, this became a game to her. After chasing her more than once in a panic, praying I could eventually catch her, our walks stopped. I love her too much to risk losing her, or worse, having her get hurt.  

Jerry told me about The Well Heeled Way and while I boarding Snickers with him, I asked him to train her. When I returned from my trip, we scheduled "my training". In just a few hours, walking Snickers became a pleasurable experience. She was walking beside me, with me, without pulling. I never realized that I rarely looked where I was going because I was always watching her trying to anticipate her moves. We were now walking hands free and she was calmly walking right by my side. The transformation was a miracle in my eyes, but the true test was when we got home and were on our own. It didn't change, in fact it is even better, because now after 3 or 4 weeks, we are so in tune with each other. Snickers and I love our daily walks together and she is disappointed if weather doesn't permit a walk. When the harness is on, she is in walk mode, nothing distracts her from her walk. Jerry you are my hero, something so simple has bought the joy of walking back to us. Snickers and I are forever grateful."