"When I picked Jake up he was trimmed, and clean, and looked so handsome!!!!"

"Dear Jerry,

Thank you so much for taking care of my golden retriever, Jake, while I was on vacation for 2 weeks in August. It was my very 1st experience with a boarder and I was quite nervous. I can't tell you how wonderful I felt and how much you put my mind at ease through the entire experience.

Driving there, I had no idea what to expect. I thought Jake would be in an outside kennel and was so worried about him being outside because he is an INSIDE dog. OMG was I wrong! Your kennel is like a hotel for dogs. Turning your entire lower level of your home into your kennel... what a fabulous idea! The dogs have air conditioning and the cleanliness is amazing! The pens are nice a roomy for each dog, the doggy play area is wonderful and roomy for them, the music playing, just an awesome atmosphere for dogs!!!!

I loved receiving your video or picture almost every day of Jake and the other dogs interacting which was great... made me feel so at ease! If I ever had a question or needed to tell you something I forgot to mention, I would text you and your response was so prompt, I didn't have to wait forever to receive my answer... I like that!

Finally, your bathing him and trimming his nails as an added bonus which is super nice. When I picked Jake up he was ready to go, nice and clean, looked so handsome!!!! Jerry, your kennel is fabulous, your enthusiasm of dogs is so apparent in your words and countless hours spent with the dogs each and every day... made my first boarding experience the best ever...

Many Thanks Jerry!"