"Within 20 minutes of his training she was walking around the block on a leash and following my commands."

"Jerry is truly a dog whisperer. I adopted a miniature doxie named Esther who is a five year old rescue from a puppy mill. She was their breeder and had lived her entire life in a cage with no social interaction. She was initially adopted however returned for unknown reasons. When I brought her home she was extremely fearful and would only cower in the corner. She wanted nothing to do with me or my other dog Eva. I contacted Jerry who had been highly recommended by my vet as well as a close friend. During our first home visit with Jerry I immediately knew that Ester and I were in good hands and he would give me the tools that I needed to continue the training and develop a loving relationship with my dog. It was if he could connect with Esther and provide me with insight into her needs. I also needed to obtain and be empowered by his core principles which gave me quick results. Esther had never been on a leash and refused to go out of the backyard. Within 20 minutes of his training, she was walking around the block on a leash and following my commands. Esther is now a great companion to both me and Eva. I have seen a significant improvement with her socialization to both other animals and humans. She now struts with confidence and I truly enjoy our walks. Thank you Jerry for all you have done for my family"