Maggie Mixed Shepard

"You can teach an old dog new tricks!"

"Our mixed shepherd Maggie has a great temperament and is always willing to please. The problem has been taking her for a walk. When we put the leash on her she becomes a sled dog and wants to pull.

During a recent appointment at the kennel, Jerry demonstrated The Well Heeled Way on Maggie. He felt confident that by using it she would be a changed dog. We practiced the techniques Jerry had explained and then we each took Maggie for a walk. What an amazing difference! She was not pulling and was very focused on walking correctly. We looked for distractions (cats,birds and dogs) for Maggie and each were handled with a minimum of fuss. Previously she would have pulled and would not take a command.

We have been using the system daily for just over a week and we are very pleased with the results. Also appreciated are Jerry's follow-ups on our progress"