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Attention Behaviors

Attention Behaviors: Be Your Dog’s Leader

It’s always a joy to see a new dog in our kennel whose overall behavior is better than average. That is exactly what happened with my new friend Leo, an adolescent chocolate Labradoodle.

come: the most important command

COME: The Most Important Command

Perhaps the single most important command you will teach your dog is “COME.” This command is one you will use at home, outside, anywhere you take your dog.

exercise, conditioning and reinforcement

Sit Training to Build Relationship

Today I am working with Duke on a 20-foot line, and we are practicing 2 things I work on frequently: The “sit” command and Attention training using the “watch” command

Teach Your Dog to Stop Jumping

Teach Your Dog to Stop Jumping

Learn from The Well Heeled Way how to work with your dog to achieve the best relationship for both of you. In this video, Jerry discusses simple steps you can take to train your dog to stop jumping. The Well Heeled Way dog training techniques are here to help you on your path to a more attentive and well-behaved dog. In this video, we meet Tucker, a "Poo-Ton" or Coton-Poodle mix, who loves attention and affection. But how do you make sure your dog doesn't jump on you or your friends and family in order to get it? The answer is simple: Pay attention to your dog on YOUR terms, not the dog's demanding behavior.