Leash Behavior Tips – Using Calming Methods & Attentiveness Training 

Learn leash behavior tips from The Well Heeled Way that will help you work with your dog to achieve the best relationship for both of you.

Meet Shadow, an Aussiedoodle who is easily distracted and struggles with leash behavior. The key to successful walking on the leash starts without using any leash at all! That’s because the key is attentiveness

Before your dog is ready to practice with the harness and leash, you must begin with working on getting your dog to follow you and honor you. And this must go both ways; you must also honor your dog! By this I mean you need to be proactive rather than reactive. Always remember, it’s all about reinforcing and rewarding to get your dog to do the things you want him to do—not to focus on the behaviors you don’t want. 

So, let’s break this down into a few simple steps that will help you and your dog learn to walk well together.

  • [1:30] Working on natural attentiveness: Without a leash, practice simply getting your dog to pay attention to you. When your dog looks at you, click and reward, every time. Then change it up a little—walk away, say “come,” then click and reward. Repeat this many times.
  • [2:45] Getting your dog used to touch: A dog that is a bit timid or resistant to touch needs to be reassured. Sit with your dog in a familiar environment such as where they sleep, and and pet him in a calm and relaxed manner. Occasionally reward your dog as you are petting him so he becomes accustomed to your touch. Calming your dog with reassuring touch establishes a wonderful connection with your furry friend!
  • [4:30] Harness and leash training: Using TWHW harness and leash, on the first step you take that your dog follows, reward and reinforce. Continue to reinforce frequently as the dog looks at you and walks with you. Snug the leash gently as you stop and say “wait” to encourage the dog to stop. Practice often and don’t forget to switch things up—stop and start, change direction, ask for a “sit.” Then repeat, reinforce and reward!
  • [6:13] And lastly, remember to find your next thank you for the next thing your dog does well!

Use these leash behavior tips to stop struggling with your dog and learn how you can have a more enjoyable walking experience for both of you.

Watch and learn to find out how to using calming methods & attentiveness training to teach your dog. The Well Heeled Way will help you experience the joy of a positive relationship with your furry friends. It’s all about practice, patience and repetition!

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