Using positive reinforcement to get your dog to follow you anywhere

Learn from The Well Heeled Way how to work with your dog to achieve the best relationship for both of you.

In this video, we continue working with Tucker, a “Poo-Ton” or Coton Poodle mix. Tucker is eager to please and loves attention, so we can use that to our advantage when we want Tucker to follow alongside us. The important thing to remember is we want to teach Tucker to willingly follow where we want to lead, not the other way around. To do this, we start by simply walking around and rewarding Tucker for following. Frequently reinforce your dog when you are getting the desired results from your training efforts—in this case we are rewarding Tucker with treats, touch and repetition of the verbal commands when he follows and sits willingly. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get your dog to willingly follow you everywhere? With practice, persistence, and patience it is possible! Repetition and reinforcement are the keys to unlocking your dog’s true potential and achieving the most rewarding relationship with your furry friend. 

A reinforcement might sound and look something like this: “Good sit, Tucker. Good sit,” as you get him to accept your positive touch along with some treats. Gradually add time, distance, and complexity between reinforcements. Change your direction, stop and ask for a sit, go for a longer period of time before a reward. Variability is a good tool to further strengthen reinforcement of desired behaviors. 

So to recap, when working with your dog to learn desired behaviors, repeat, reinforce, reward! The willingness of your dog to do anything for you, with you, and alongside you—that is the goal! Reinforcing commands is one of the most important aspects of achieving the most out of your relationship with your furry friend. And as always friends, remember—practice, persistence, and patience!

Watch and learn to find out how to use positive reinforcement to get your dog to follow you anywhere. The Well Heeled Way will help you experience the joy of a positive relationship with your furry friends. It’s all about practice, patience and repetition!

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