Request A Replacement Calming Cord™

...and continue leading your SIDE COMPANION!

Still looking to lead your dog with soothing core pressure applied by TWHW Custom-Fit Calming Cord™ Slip Harness, but something happened to your cord? Request a Replacement Calming Cord™ through this form!

Reasons for a Replacement:

Custom Calming Cord™

It is crucial to begin training your puppy from day one, so it’s common that a pup who undergoes TWHW training still has some growing to do. If you didn’t know, Jerry supplies a FREE replacement cord to dogs who have outgrown their calming cord. 

Oh no! Every cord is created with care, but sometimes these things happen. If the damage was from the design of the cord, please reach out to Jerry about the occurrence before paying for a new cord through this form. 

It happens! That’s why this form exists — request a replacement cord below and we’ll get you a replacement as soon as possible so that you can continue walking with confidence. 

"Custom Fit" Means Your
Measurements are Important

It’s important to get a proper measurement of your dog’s chest. You want the cord to wrap just behind their front legs and to apply soothing core pressure at every tug. Please take care to provide the correct measurement — if you’re not sure, select “I need help measuring my dog!” to watch our helpful video.

Let us Know How it Goes —
Leave Feedback

The Calming Cord™ has gone through many prototypes to arrive at the version we use today. The c-disc was the latest improvement that Jerry made to prevent the (leash) loop from slipping down through the bale of the (collar) hook. Your feedback allows the Calming Cord design to improve.

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Custom-made hardware is EXCLUSIVELY available to dog owners who have previously purchased TWHW Dog Training. 

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