The Well Heeled Way® Multi-Purpose Hands-Free Leash

Walk your dog – HANDS FREE!

Even though TWHW Calming Cord™ Slip Harness can be used with any leash, you will significantly increase the enjoyment of walks with your dog if you combine our TWHW Calming Cord™ Slip Harness with our genuine leather, custom-designed, multi-purpose TWHW Hands-Free Leash! That is why we have included both the harness AND leash in our Online Dog Training Course.

We recommend during the early stages of walk training, that you carry the leash in your hand, rather than wearing it over your shoulder. Do this until your dog training progress has reached the point where your dog will walk directly by your side, pauses when you pause, and walks when you walk.

Whenever it feels good, put the leash over your shoulder and relax. Swing your arms naturally, raise your chin, walk confidently and enjoy the “freedom walk” that the equipment provides.

Our Multi-purpose Hands-Free Leash is offered in three lengths. Watch the video below and reference our sizing chart to find the right size for you and your dog.

TWHW Hands-Free Leash

How to measure for
TWHW Hands-Free Leash:

Measure your dog’s height “at the withers (shoulder height when standing) and measure the trainer’s height (to top of head when standing). Both measurements should be rounded up to the nearest inch.

After you have both measurements, reference the chart below to find your ideal leash length.

Hands-Free Leash (Sizing Chart)

TRAINER HEIGHT (To top of head)
DOG WITHERS HEIGHT (Shoulders) up to 5'9" 5'10 - 5'11" 6' - 6'1" 6'2" - 6'3" 6'4" +
22"+ S S S S S
20 - 21" S S S S M
18 - 19" S S S M M
16 - 17" S S M M M
14 - 15" S M M M M
12 - 13" M M M M L
10 - 11" M M M L L
8 - 9" M M L L L
up to 7" M L L L L