TWHW is “Making It” on the big screen!

This September, PBS’s “Making It” Series aired an interview with our very own Jerry Barnes — showcasing his game-changing Calming Cord™ custom-fit slip harness.

Did you hear? Jerry Barnes is famous! Recently, friends and clients were excited to hear about his featuring on PBS’s Making It series! This series takes a closer look at Northeast Ohioans who put their creativity into action. Watch to see what they are “making” in the community. 

Jerry’s Calming Cord™ custom-fit slip harness gained their attention with its innovative and easy-to-use design. This “pet” project of Jerry’s began during the pandemic, but truly has been decades in the making. Backed by nearly 40 years of experience in dog training and kenneling, Jerry took a concept he read about in a book by Temple Grandin and applied it to the design of a new style of harness. His hope was that the core pressure applied by the slip harness would help to eliminate leash pulling by calming the dog wearing it.

Jerry’s goals for the Calming Cord™ custom-fit slip harness were to achieve:

  • Better leash behavior
  • More attentive walking behavior
  • Confidence and control for the owner

And boy has it worked! Jerry has utilized the slip harness in his own training and witnessed firsthand the transformative nature of its affect on many of his furry friends. Check out Jerry’s three and a half minutes of fame here, and if you haven’t already, read more about the amazing slip harness at The Well Heeled Way.

Watch our friend Jerry Barnes share his innovative slip harness on PBS’s “Making It”!

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About “Making It”

See what the creative people of Northeast Ohio are “making” in the community. Northeast Ohio is full of creative people following their dreams while trying to make a living. From jewelry crafted out of broken street glass to sound equipment engineered for rock stars, see what people are “making” in the community.

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