Learn to Easily and Calmly Teach your Dog to Walk Beside You

Walk your dog in a relaxed and confident manner with TWHW hands-free Calming Cord™ harness and leash.

Watch Jerry walk Tucker in a relaxed and confident manner using The Well Heeled Way® hands-free Calming Cord™ harness and leash. We have watched Jerry work with Tucker, a “Poo-Ton” or Coton Poodle mix, to encourage him to stop jumping as well as to be an attentive follower. Now we see a much calmer Tucker learning to walk alongside Jerry with very little effort along with some positive reinforcement. 

Imagine being able to walk your dog with confidence, hands-free, and know that he or she will walk next to you on your side of choice and follow your lead wherever you may go! You, too, can have this experience with your dog! Remember, it is so important to find your next thank you with your pup and to follow this mantra—repeat, reinforce, reward—with treats, touch and repetition of verbal commands. 

Your dog may initially pull on the leash or try to go off in his or her own direction. Be patient and continue to be indifferent toward your dog’s undesirable behaviors. Only reward him or her for those behaviors you are striving toward and ignore the rest! 

When you are relaxed and your dog walks calmly next to you, click and reward. When you stop walking and your dog stops and sits next to you, click and reward. When you abruptly change direction and your dog willingly goes along, click and reward. It really is that simple! 

"With some patience and practice, soon you will be walking with ease and confidence using TWHW hands-free Calming Cord™ harness and leash. The Well Heeled Way will help you experience the joy of a positive relationship with your furry friends. It's all about practice, patience and repetition!"

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