Your Dog Will Go Home BETTER Than They Came

Kennel time will expose your dog to positive influences — from The Well Heeled Way® dog training method AND “mentor” dogs.

Watch as Jerry uses kennel time to teach your dog behaviors that help them to go home better than they came. Kennel time is a great way to socialize your dog and reinforce positive behaviors. The safe environment of the kennel is the ideal place to practice the “come” command, especially among the distractions of other dogs. Jerry gets “the pack” to come to him by focusing on a leader or “mentor” dog who leads by example, and then the other dogs follow and also get rewarded. This is one of the easiest methods to train a dog — your dog learns quickly by following the leader!

Another way Jerry will help your dog to go home better than he came is by getting him comfortable with grooming practices. He enjoys this bonding time with your dog; making eye contact, calmly and respectfully positioning the dog on a grooming table, and allowing your dog to become accustomed to brushing, clipping, and other grooming tasks. Practicing this will help your dog be more relaxed when they have to be on a table — for instance, while visiting the vet. Jerry highly recommends that all dog owners try to groom their dogs themselves, not only for the cost savings, but more importantly for the valuable time spent building that close relationship with your dog.

Everything we do during your dog’s stay at our kennel is included with our overnight fee. These services include:

  • Basic kennel training, exercising, and socialization
  • Diet and medication
  • Nail trimming as necessary
  • Brush / comb-outs
  • We supply all stainless steel bowls, water containers and bedding

*Bring your dogs with their play clothes on! Don’t worry if your pup is in need of a bath—we play hard and clean them up after!

When you are in need of a kennel, rest assured that your dog will thrive in the passive leadership and stimulating environment of The Well Heeled Way®. “We are honored to be trusted with the care and welfare of our clients very best friends.”

“My only goal is that every time I care for your dog, it goes home a little better than when it came.”—Jerry

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