Teach Your Dog to Stop Jumping

Learn from The Well Heeled Way how to work with your dog to achieve the best relationship for both of you.

In this video, we meet Tucker, a “Poo-Ton” or Coton-Poodle mix, who loves attention and affection. But how do you make sure your dog doesn’t jump on you or your friends and family in order to get it? The answer is simple: Pay attention to your dog on YOUR terms, not the dog’s demanding behavior.

In order to do that, you must learn to be indifferent with your dog—do not reward disruptive or undesirable behaviors with any kind of acknowledgment. Rather, when your dog is attentive and calm, that is when you reinforce. If using a clicker, use it as soon as your dog makes direct eye contact with you, then give the treat. When teaching your dog that jumping is not the behavior that will get him or her attention, be sure to “thank” your dog for staying “down” by feeding him/her a treat at the level you want him or her to stay (ideally their head height).

It’s also helpful to get in the habit of feeding your dog reinforcement treats on the same side you plan to walk your dog. If Tucker is on the left side for walks, feed him on the left side for reinforcement treats. Remember to give your dog plenty of affection as reinforcement as well as treats when he or she displays the behaviors you WANT to see. You will be amazed at how quickly your dog will learn and how much happier you both will be!

Watch and learn to find out how to teach your dog to stop jumping on you for attention. The Well Heeled Way will help you experience the joy of a positive relationship with your furry friends. It’s all about practice, patience and repetition!

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